Saturday, December 27, 2008

Twenty-seventh, Talking, Tasty

Happy Twenty-seventh of December!!!

Today I finished taking down all my Christmas decorations and packing them away and then I went to Andrew and Larissa's wedding which was great! I love weddings and love to celebrate with the couple. I didn't know too many people but Jon, a friend from high school was there so it was fun to catch up with him and hang out. The last time I saw him was when we sang together at someone else's wedding. Go figure!

My favorite line of the evening was when Jon proclaimed "I'm not the only one here with a mullet!" hahaha..

Anyway, came home and realized my furnace is broken and it's freezing in my house. I might freeze to death as a matter of fact. The temperature in my house dropped 15 degrees and here's hoping that my pipes don't freeze!!

Until next time!

Friday, December 26, 2008

Twenty-sixth, Tired, Tree

Happy Boxing Day!!!

I'm quite tired so I will make this short but wanted to keep up with the tradition of writing every day.

Had a good day today. Went for lunch with Brooke and then started taking down my Christmas decorations and my Christmas tree.. I figure it's been up since beginning of November so it's okay to take it down. That way I can clean everything and blitz through and be nice and organized. The hardest part is finding new homes for my Christmas gifts!! :)

Then I went to some friends' where we played some Rook and enjoyed a great dinner! The first game I was schooled and the second game we were all in the minus but it made it quite funny!

Then I braved the icy, slushy, slippery roads and drove back home. Yay me for conquering my resolve to not drive in snowy weather!! :) And I'm alive to tell the tale.

After I came home I decided to shovel my deck. I figure it won't wreck my deck or flood my house when it melts (not even sure if that happens..) and it's good exercise so it's a win-win situation!!

Anyway, off to bed!! Have a wedding tomorrow which I'm super excited for!!

Have a great day friends!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Twenty-fifth, Treacherous, Tons

Merry Christmas!! And Happy twenty-fifth of December!!! How wonderful to have a white birthday AND a white Christmas!! And not just a little bit of snow, but a ton of it!! :) Yesterday I threw out my back shovelling off a deck with a large metal bowl.. it was pretty fun. Here are a few pictures I took of the beautifully snow covered trees..

Here are a couple of Christmas decorations. i will take more soon!! Shoot!

My ticklish friend Santa and I (Desiree got it for me for my birthday.. we like getting each other things that sing/giggle so it's great! makes me laugh every time!)

For the first time ever, I hate to admit it... Desiree and I had cookies that turned out gross. WEll we thought they were gross at least.. my mom thought they were tasty. We didn't have regular flour.. so we used self-rising flour and the pre-mixed baking powder (the recipe doesn't even call for that) is what threw it off I think. These pictures hopefully express how Desiree and I felt about the cookies...

For my champagne birthday we of course had to enjoy some champagne.. Yay for second champagne celebration of the day!! haha.. This picture of me is really funny I think.. Anyhoo.. Happy Champagne birthday to me!!

Every year, Chris Ewert and I would joke about making snowmen on Christmas Eve if it snowed.. One year we had built one I think and then it became a tradition. last year i was somewhere else and Heather and Chris came and built a snowman in my yard for me. They couldn't be here this year, so I built three in their honor!! :)

We went to the Keg for my birthday dinner and had a great time. Then we came to my house for cake and hanging out. Here's a picture of my Omi and I. Then my mom and I. Then my aunty Esther. Then Kacey, Chrystal and I.

Okay!! Now on to today!! Ooh.. I do have pictures of this morning,b ut am too lazy to get them. Because my back hurts.. But Chad, Lucas, Bobbi, my mom and I enjoyed waffles for breakfast and then opened presents. My favorite moments here were when my mom gave my brother the exact same thing she got him last year.. Hmmmm.. got to start writing things down!! Also, when my brother opened the present I got him, he proclaimed he had bought it a month earlier.. dang.. At least I bought a great gift int he sense that it was something he would have wanted! So I'm keeping it and have to get creative and think of something else to buy him!!

Then we headed to Chilliwack for our family gathering with my mom's side of the family.

And here's a birthday video made by Desiree and I

My mom had picked me up at my house the other day so dropped me off tonight. My walk and area in front of my garage was piled really high with snow. So we decided to shovel it before she left. I only have a poopy little shovel from my mom's so I decided to go meet some of my neighbors and ask to borrow a shovel. So this one man lent me his shovel and I proceeded to bail down his slick icy stairs.. Smack.. hard on my butt-OUCH. But I didn't know the man, felt stupid and didn't want him to feel bad so I got up quickly with a laugh and went on my way to shovel. hahahaha.. After some hard core shovelling I returned the shovel, careful not to slip...

I went into my house and got into my pjs and heard a knock on my door. It was my mom. She had left her door open with lights on while shovelling and her battery was dead. Luckily I had my handy dandy battery jumper box (don't need another vehicle for it) that I got for Christmas from my brother three years ago (knew it would come in handy!). So we pulled it out and didn't know how to work it. Right then my other neighbor that i've never met (but see all the time) pulled up and then came and helped us. His partner got out of the car in her nice Christmas outfit and was walking up their slick driveway with a little slope, hands full of Christmas presents.. and she totally bailed. I felt really bad for her, but at the same time it was slightly humorous just based on everything else that had happened.

Sigh.. So, that is my gong show, treacherous icy Christmas night story.. haha.. Hope you enjoyed it.

And that is all for now folks!! Have a fantastic day!! :) And Merry Christmas to all!!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Twenty-fourth, Twenty-four, Terrific!, Terrible!

Happy twenty-fourth of December! And happy birthday to me!! I'm just waiting til I get to leave for the Keg for my annual birthday dinner. Here are a few photos and I will post more stuff later on!

Yesterday afternoon Desiree picked me up and we went to Arby's. Fun times. haha.. We made a video.. you can watch it down below..

Last night Chrystal and I went for dinner in Richmond to the American Grille which was excellent! A good find indeed! Then we went to Guys and Dolls which was absolutely fantastic-I really enjoyed it!! :)
Then Chrystal stayed for night and we cracked open the champagne this morning to celebrate my champagne birthday!! Okay so we added juice to make it mimosas and to make it taste better since I'm not a huge fan of champagne. Good times!!

Here's a picture of snow out my back porch...

Afterwards I came to Abbotsford and Desiree came over.. and that's a story that deserves pictures and videos that I shall post later on...

But for now today is better than yesterday because:

It's my birthday!!!!!!! YAY!

Stay tuned for more exciting information (that will describe why part of the title of this post is "Terrible"

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Walk, Winter, Wonderland

Happy double post day! I just went for a fantastic little walk to the grocery store!! It is my goal this year to never drive to the grocery store but to try and walk as much as possible! It's nice living way closer to a store now! :)

Despite my walk everything everything going against me, I had a great time. Here are some fun facts about my walk:
-I wore boots that are too big and give my heels blisters..
-I trudged down paths where the snow was not plowed or anything
-I underdressed for the temperature
-On the walk back my bag weighed about fifteen pounds on my back

But all in all it was lovely!! I enjoyed being outside as it is indeed a beautiful day!! And it's supposed to snow 20cms tomorrow in Langley!! Woot Woot!! Huzzah for a white birthday! :) here's a few pictures from my walk today... Enjoy!

Twenty-third, Tablespoon, Tamago

Happy twenty-third of December!! Crazy that it's so close to Christmas! And my birthday! :)

Last night, Chad and Bobbi took me out for dinner for my birthday. We went to Moxie's which was great and then we met my mom and drove out to the Canucks game! And Canucks won which made it great! :) We won 4-3 and with a lot of fights mixed in there.. which is to be expected when you have the two teams with the most penalty minutes in the NHL playing each other. And yesterday's win moved us to first place in the NorthWest division and 3rd in the western conference!! huzzah!! :)

Also, Chad and Bobbi got me a sweet birthday present- a Canucks looking stick putter!! :) I have needed a new putter for quite some time and this one is pretty cool, so I'm stoked about that!

This morning I decided to venture out and try to make my favorite Japanese dish for breakfast. It's called Tamago in restaurants but can be known as a Japanese omelette.. Um.. So I didn't have most of the ingredients, but I made it anyway. I think I used 3 out of 8 ingredients.. It looked disgusting because of the way I made it, but it tasted excellent!

This egg was perfectly round.. kinda weird and funny. Always exciting to see what the chickens give you from the farm!

Mmmm.. doesn't that look tasty..

This picture doesn't actually do my dish justice as to how gross it looked. But it tasted good I assure you!!

And now I'm off to brave the snow and walk to the grocery store and pick up a few things! I have not grocery shopped in all of December! Go me!

Here's what makes today better than yesterday:
-I made my favorite egg dish..
-I woke up and my closet was already organized
-I got to go for an amazing walk in the snow (okay we're looking into the future here...)
-Chrystal and I are going for dinner tonight and then to the musical Guys and Dolls!
-Chrystal's staying for night!!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Twenty-second, T-shirts, Table

Happy Twenty-Second of December! I just realized that for the rest of the month, I will have to think of a lot of T words!! Good ol' dictionary might just help me out with that one.

Chrystal's a little crazy, but I always try to match her craziness...

The snow pictures I took from my window seat last night!
Today is better than yesterday, because:
-Chrystal was here when I woke up this morning
-We had an amazing breakfast of mac and cheese and apple sauce.. mm at my kitchen table (just tying in the title)
-I organized my closet and got rid of a ton of T-shirts. I now have more room
-I finished wrapping my Christmas gifts!
-I get to go for an early birthday dinner with Chad and Bobbi!
-My mom, Chad, Bobbi and I are going to the Canucks game!! And they're going to win, because a) I'm going to be there b) it's my birthday soon c) and why not?

That's all for today folks!! Perhaps I'll post some pics of tonight's festivities tomorrow!