Sunday, August 31, 2008

Quebec, Qute, Quiet

Okay so these pics are going back a bit and I apologize for the lack of blog posts, but I was in Quebec for a week and then was up in Kelowna last week for university week at camp. But here's some pics. Candice, Kelly, Sonia and I all went out for Japanese in between my trips. We all used to work together at Apollo Athletic Club and we love getting together to catch up-always lots of fun!

Boxes for packing.. heehee.. I just moved in tonight and have been unpacking all evening! It's really exciting! But tough to decide where everything should go! I will post pics of my place soon!

I lived in Quebec for two years and love going back to visit. Every time Jenn and I would drive by the tourist sign on the highway, we always joked about going to the house for Sir Wilfred Laurier.. So after five years of joking, we decided to go right before she left. It was better than I expected actually. In the picture above, Marie-Pierre is blessing us (the sign says "marie bless us")

My old roommate Bethany was there too which was great to catch up with her again!
Sunrise on the airplane. Yay for red-eye flights. I've decided I hate flying. ha. From now on... I will take submarines or something.
For Jenn's going away party we went to a place called Hot and Spicy restaurant in Montreal- SO good! Asian food all you can eat. We got to try about thirty different dishes. Way too much food but great company and a great time all together!

Dave and MIke

Timothy -love all the kids there and playing with them. Always such a delight just to hang out with them and read stories and play and stuff.


The lake..

Anna, Joshua and I


Timothy and I

Theo, Millie and I

Marie, Alex, Jenn and I went for Japanese in Joliette and it was fantastic!

All right, so I was about to post this the other day, but my internet connection cut out right as I was about to publish it (was using someone else's internet).

I don't have internet at my place yet, so this will have to do for now!! :) Will post more once I have internet!! Bye!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Camels, Cairo, Classy

Hoopoe birds! I was so excited to see them. A few years ago my friend Jenn and I were doing a foot study in the bible and accidentally looked up hoopoe for something and we read about this Egyptian desert bird... and so I was pretty excited to see one, and that's the only way I was actually able to recognize it!
A vulture we found on our patio at the hotel

One of the hotels we stayed at on the Red Sea

The pyramids and I (perfectly framed on the first self-portrait may I add)

Cairo at night. We went on a Nile river dinner cruise and enjoyed the city lights as well as some belly dancing and a twirling dervish (maybe that's not what they're called but oh well)

Pyramids at Night during the light show

Pyramids at Sunset from afar

My mom and the pyramids

From afar the pyramids didn't look that spectacular... but then when you get right up to them you realize the first stone is taller than you. Okay, impressive.

Camel caravan at the desert

The Great Pyramids

Micheal Jackson (the camel) and I. I thought I was going to fall off the whole time.. haha.. Getting up on it was the worst because you're pretty much suspended in air.. haha.. but it was a great ride and very cool riding towards the pyramids!

A statue of Ramses II. It's way bigger and probably one of the most impressive statues, just because the engravings and detail are so ornate

The second largest sphinx, this one found in Memphis but it weighs less because it's made of alabaster

Poor Sphinx lost his nose

The Step Pyramids. The oldest stone structure in the world. It started just as a flat square tomb, but the guy it was being built for didn't want his tomb finished while he was still alive, so they just kept building layers on it, and it happened to look like a pyramid!

The Palace we stayed at in Cairo-spectacular!

Khalid and I

And those are my pictures! Well, not all them, but I hand-selected these ones for you! All in all I had a fabulous time and it definitely exceeded my expectations. Interesting to see a different culture to think about the implications of what it would be like growing up in that culture and what a completely different worldview I would have. One thing that wasn't too positive was that out of all the countries I've ever been to, I have never been harassed verbally so much by the men.. You couldn't walk anywhere without all of them staring at you and yelling stuff out at you. So that wasn't too cool, but I thought it was interesting in light of their views of their women and then to see how they treat foreign women. Interesting...

2 more days until I go to Quebec!! Yay!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Galabia, Great, Grand

So I decided that I would stop waiting for comments and post a whackload of pictures because I felt like it. so ha. :) Here's some pics from on the ship. One night we had a Galabia party where we all wore outfits we had gotten

Paul's beautiful dress
Sunset on the Nile
Our guide Khalid
Our server who was hilarious

Shirley and Shirley
The amazing potato game-was absolutely hilarious!
Linda, Denise, Marion and my Mom
Twirling Dervish. Twirled for 25 minutes. Kind of got old after the first five.. haha
My mom and I
Paul and Jane

Coming Next: Cairo and the pyramids and camels!!! FUN!