Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Birthday, Blessing, Beautiful

June 21st is a special day for many reasons. First off, it's the official beginning of summer, also it is the longest day of the year as far as sun exposure goes. But even more importantly, it's my mom's birthday!

So today we shall celebrate life with her! She is an amazing woman that is such an incredible blessing in my life. She is a blessing to her children and grandchildren and to all she meets.

{I absolutely love this picture of my mom and I... I took it as a quick snapshot in the bathroom and then realized the background wasn't good, so we took some in the room.. but I loved the bathroom shot the best. Makes it even more candid! And oh the wonderful lighting that a bathroom offers!}

I'm thankful I have a mother who loves to travel, because we have so much fun traveling together, but also because I know she will come out to visit me a lot once I move!

So, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my mom!!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Donkeys, Darlings, Down

Every time my mom babysits the wee ones, they walk to see the sheep and the donkeys. I get the chance to come along every so often and love it. They are precious. And how wonderful to have our own little petting zoo down the road.

The donkeys are "ee aw's" and when you give them grass they go "chomp chomp" (at least according to the little one).

And we like to wave at the people on the way. And stomp in the puddles.

I find it amazing that I walk I could do to the mailbox would take five minutes, but when you do it through the eyes of a child, you can take 40 minutes. And enjoy those 40 minutes more immensely than you ever could the quick, rushed 5 minute walk.

A good reminder to see through the eyes of a child and enjoy every moment. :)

Also, today we are celebrating the little man's birthday as well. So HAPPY BIRTHDAY to him!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Guys, Gum, Girlfriends

A couple weekends ago, Kristen and I headed down to Seattle for a few days. Seattle is one of my favourite cities, especially on a sunny day. It is absolutely stunning when the sun glistens down on the water as your drive in. It's such a rich city with much to see and do.

And who doesn't love a toy shop where you can find fun hats to try on?

Or a donut store that gives you free hats to wear? It's like the lady knew we would want to wear them.

And a trip to Seattle must often be accompanied by dinner at P.F. Chang's. And they even give you a little mini dessert after, which is the perfect size.

And of course, we had to visit the gum wall again just because it's disgusting.

And it's fun to view all the unique art around the city.

I always love the flowers in Pike's Place Market. We wandered around the city, enjoyed city on the lawn watching the view, played some good rounds of racko, went to Guys & Dolls the musical (so good), had a nice swim at our hotel.

All in all it was a wonderful weekend away and good to just hang out and spend time together.

And go figure. They must have known I was coming, because they wrote my name on the gum wall before I got there.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Poppy, Putting, Practice

I'm quite pleased with having found a fantastic golf partner to golf with over the last month and for the next month. Generally it is difficult to find women my age who like to golf. So when Carlee mentioned she likes golfing, I jumped on it and now we affectionately have a weekly golfing "club" which we have titled the CVGA. Makes sense.

And we're rocking it. Well, I'm not sure many other people on the golf course bring their cameras and take random photos. They also probably don't bring chopped up veggies in tupperware containers. But that's probably why our golf club will increase rapidly in popularity.

We like to try out a different course each week. It's fun to go to a lot of golf courses I've always heard about but never had a chance to go to. A couple repeats, but mostly new which is fun. Last week we went to Fraser Glen on the Monday and Poppy Estates on the Friday.

Fraser Glen is where I first started golfing when I was first learning how to golf, about ten years ago. Strangely enough, it is also the course where I can always get the best score. My favorite moments were joining up with a couple of the older men in front of us while their third guy went home for a few holes to let out the dogs. Then we joined with the couple behind us for a few holes as well. Always fun to get to know new people. And I figured if we're golfing with them, there's a better chance of us not hitting them with our golf balls.

Next week we hope to hit up a new course and the following week we will return to the Falls where we went our first week to see if we have improved at all!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Six, Seven, Stanley

Tonight is Game 6 of the Stanley Cup Finals. If they win tonight, they've won the cup.

It has been an absolutely fantastic season and it is bittersweet to see it come to an end. Wonderful because hey, this is our chance to win the cup! And it will be nice to have free evenings after a while and not have every other night occupied with a game. But a bit sad, because it's my last season being in the lower mainland.

Secretly, I'm voting for a loss tonight so that we can win at home for Game 7 and I can be there. But I would be equally as happy if they won tonight. Where will you be watching the game?


Sunday, June 12, 2011

Engaged, Excited, Elated

Today, friends and family will gather at my mom's place to have a party. I love the celebration aspect of parties. Celebration of life and love and God's grace and goodness in our lives.

And what are we celebrating today? My brother's engaged!!!

Lucas and Colleen got engaged right before we left for our trip to Asia and I'm so excited for them!! I have loved getting to know Colleen and am excited to have another sister-in-law! I was blessed to be able to spend time with both of them for a few days earlier this year in Florida and am excited for more memories and fun together!

So Congrats to Lucas and Colleen!! Can't wait for your big day and so excited to celebrate with you!!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Sold, Surrender, Sad

When I decided to move to Quebec, I wanted to keep my house. I guess in my mind it was part of the Plan B back up plan, but in a lot of ways it was a large piece of home (literally) to hold on to as I move away.

However, plans went otherwise and a few days before I left for Asia, I realized I needed to sell it. So that week amidst getting ready to go, I had to get my house ready to sell. A bit stressful but I made it through. Anyway, within a few days of leaving, an offer came in, two weeks later my house was officially sold. So I came home to a house that was only mine for a little while longer.

Sometimes I'm struck by the sadness of selling my house. I do love my house. I love the colours, I love the spunkiness of it. I love how perfectly it is a reflection of my personality. I love the memories I've had here, the people I've hosted. The random dance parties in the kitchen. So many things.

I laugh because a while back I was reading back in my journal from the fall and I prayed that life would not be so comfortable. I was realizing just how comfortable my life was and how I wasn't okay with it. So I asked God to change that. And I surrendered and loosened my grip. Little did I know how much life would be changing in the next year and that things would not look anything like they do now.

I prayed that God would change things, but I didn't actually think He would so dramatically. Mind you, I guess I let Him as I in turn surrendered everything. It's been a crazy season of letting go, obeying and trusting.

So, I have 19 days left to enjoy this crazy house of mine and then hopefully some other people will enjoy it as much as I have.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Shattered, Soccer, Sliding

The other day I was sitting in my room when suddenly I heard a large crash. I got up, a bit concerned that something fell down the stairs, but a quick glance out of my window told me otherwise. There were children with horrified looks on their faces glancing back at my house, but running away as fast as their feet would carry them. Kind of a funny sight when I think back.

I went downstairs to discover my basement patio sliding door completely shattered. Well, the outside pane at least. I was quite upset and angry, especially because the children had all run off.

But then I realized it made for some cool pictures, because the way the glass had shattered and was just sitting there was kind of cool. Anyway, turns out, I talked to someone on strata who tracked the kids down and it was not until those parents got a phone call (five hours later), that the mothers found out what had happened. So I watched as angry mothers stormed through the back courtyard with their little boys in tow, coming to apologize. In the end, it got fixed and I didn't have to pay for it.

But there is some sort of life lesson here. I was more upset at the fact that these kids who shattered my window did not tell their parents right away than the fact that it happened. Accidents happen, I get that. But then to run away and try to hide seems quite silly.

Yet, we seem to do that so often. We run and hide and try to cover our tracks when different things come up. I'm learning more and more, that it's better to just be totally honest about something, rather than someone finding out about something later and finding out who didn't tell them the whole truth. And I now have some pictures of my shattered door to remind me of that.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Thai, Ten, Treasuring

One thing about an impending move is that every time you are with a friend or go somewhere, it is extra special, because you know that these will be things you miss and remember when you're somewhere else. So I am treasuring moments in my heart and enjoying every minute with treasured friends.

Sarah and I enjoyed some Thai food together the other day and then watched a movie. It was funny going through the movies and her not having ever heard of or watched some of my faves. And then I remember that she's ten years younger than me, so it makes sense that she wouldn't know all the movies that were made in the 90's. Perfect.

Practiced the art of using chopsticks

And since I'm SO good at giving people Christmas presents on time, Sarah got her present from me in May. At least I got it to her before June... :)

Yet another treasured memory to keep!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Fever, Fans, Finals

Game 4 tonight. The Canucks fever continues. People who never even watched hockey are now attending playoff parties to wait in anticipation to see if this is truly our year.

I don't have tv at home, so I like to invite myself over to different people's houses for the games. And it's fun to cheer with a lot of different people.

And of course, I have my flags flapping proudly off my vehicle.

Game 4 predictions? I predict a win. ;)


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Golfing, Game, Greens

I decided that this shall be the spring/summer of golfing. Until I leave that is. So, I decided to be proactive about finding people to golf with. I joined the golf club at my church that goes once a month, and my friend Carlee and I decided that we should try golfing weekly until we are pro (which we pretty much are by now of course).

So every Monday, you can find us out on the golf course, hacking away.. I mean, hitting pars and birdies.

I generally go to the same few golf courses, so it's been fun to expand a bit. The first week we went to the Falls, and last week we went to Hazelmere.

We may have had a bit too much fun playing with the driver covers... but fun was had indeed. It rained quite a bit, but we're hardcore and were quite happy that the course was a bit emptier {we hate to intimidate people with our incredible skills}.

Anyway, our golf games usually include some incredible cart driving, enjoying hot dogs, taking pictures.. oh and golfing of course.

Anyway, I look forward to a month more of awesome golfing and good times out on the greens! So if anyone else is looking for people to golf with, let me know!

And maybe one of these days I will break 100 again... I used to have a great game but it's a bit rusty. FORE!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Rollerskating, Rock, Rollerderby

I had no idea roller derbys were actually an event that still happens on a regular basis. So, when last week, Brooke told me she was going to a roller derby in Abbotsford, I jumped on the opportunity to join. Has anyone ever seen the movie 'Whip It?' {well, i haven't.. but i've heard it's similar}. So, basically it's a bunch of women skating around the rink trying to block each other and knock other players out of the lanes. And meanwhile the jammer has to try to get in front and gets points for the amount of players she passes.

Roller derbys (not sure what the official sport is called) is the fastest growing women's sport in Canada. Apparently BC has over 30 teams or something like that. This event (and perhaps more of them) was a fundraiser for breast cancer. There are three more at the MSA arena throughout the summer, so if you want to see what it's all about, and enjoy some exceptional people watching, check it out.

Brooke, Chad, Dave and Adri and I all went and it was a lot of fun. Good music to rock out to and we had fun cheering loudly for our local teams. Next Abbotsford one is on June 25th.

And afterwards we went to enjoy some cheap wings at 'Wings' (fitting name for the restaurant). A great way to spend a Saturday evening with friends!

Hope you all had a good weekend and perhaps you will check out a local roller derby near you!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Poppins, Pandher, PF

I have seen a few musicals that are from Disney movies and LOVED them. I had seen the Lion King and The Little Mermaid. So when Mary Poppins came to town (town being Seattle.. close enough), I got tickets and went to see a third most fantastic Disney Broadway show.

And it was incredible. Epic even. Spectacular. The sets, the special effects, the dancing, the music. Exceptional. All of it. Probably ranks as one of the most spectacular musicals I have ever seen. It was a delight. If it ever comes to Vancouver (or anywhere near where you might be), go see it-you will not be sorry! My favorite part was when Bert tap danced upside down on the ceiling.

An added bonus was going with my friend Sandy. So good to just spend the day together. Went to my favorite restaurant, PF Changs and had my favorite dish, Kung Pow Shrimp. And we walked around Seattle enjoying the day.

Some people think I am a bit musical crazed. And it's probably true. I have loved seeing so many musicals in the last few years. This year I even subscribed to two theatres in Seattle because they both had incredible seasons. Next year they are doing West Side Story, Les Miserables and Rent, to name a few... sad I will be missing it.

But when I miss the musicals, I will just skip along with a chimney sweep and sing, "chim chimery, chim chimery..."

Enjoy your Sunday!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Grass, Get-together, Go!

If you are looking for some fun entertainment in Vancouver this summer, go check out Hairspray, which is playing at the Stanley Theatre until July. It is a fantastic show put on by the Arts Club and they have done an exceptional job! And hey, it's a great chance to go to Vancouver for an evening, grab some dinner, and enjoy a show! Great for date or a get-together with friends!

Dave, Adri and I headed to Vancouver one sunny evening and enjoyed dinner at my favourite Japanese restaurant before seeing the show. Every time I hang out with Dave and Adri, I'm reminded of how fantastic they are! They are from South Africa and have been living in Canada for a few years and they are awesome. The most generous, kind and caring people. And a lot of fun to add to things.

As I was parking, Adri was enjoying the piles of freshly cut lawn. Brought back some childhood memories of when she used to play with the grass cuttings as a child. So, we decided to bring back some of those childhood memories by building a nest. Yes, a nest. Yes, we are strange.

And then we sat on the nest and took a couple of photos. Like any regular person would do of course.

So.. go see Hairspray. And maybe while you're in Vancouver, look for some fresh grass cuttings-you never know what you can create.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Mall, Married, Meal

I love moments when you find an unexpected treasure on a day full of errands and it just brings an extra spot of joy to that day.

Last week, Kristen and I headed to the States so she could run a couple wedding errands. I had no plans, so I decided I would join her and we could have a fun day in Bellingham. It was a great day and in the end, we drove by a sign in a church parking lot about a rummage sale in the basement. They hold it two days out of the year and it was fantastic! Some of my favorite board games were being sold for a mere quarter! We found some other fantastic treasures and antiques hidden amongst everything.

The best find was this dress that Kristen is posing behind. We decided it would be a perfect Canucks fan dress perhaps? If the colour is right..

And we arrived at the mall exceptionally early. What does one do while they are waiting in a mall? Well, they people watch of course (the amount of people walking in the mall at that hour is quite great-I wondered why they weren't walking outside in the sun). And you take crazy pictures of yourselves. Obviously.

We had an amazing lunch on the harbour right on the water-so beautiful! And we even picked up a steal of a deal snack bag from the rummage sale. A good day indeed with many stops, good conversation and great company!

And the countdown is on. 46 days until Chris and Kristen get married! Can't wait to celebrate their big day with them!