Friday, May 28, 2010

Fiddler, Forty-Second, Footlong

I'm back from my trip to Seattle with Megan! The words we would use to describe it would be: epic, random and FUN! What a crazy couple days were had. Actually it feels like we were gone for weeks because it seems like we did so much! haha {And I warn you that this post is quite lengthy, but lots of pictures!!}

We headed down to Seattle on Wednesday and enjoyed the drive, except when we were stuck in the traffic pictured below and Megan almost peed in the vehicle..
Then we went to see Fiddler on the Roof. It was FANTASTIC...except for the main guy's singing voice. haha. Well it was good, but annoying the way he was singing. He made up for it in his incredibly acting though. He's a pretty big deal and has been in a lot of tv shows, movies and musicals. Anyway, he is an incredible actor, but part of his singing voice grated on my nerves. But the whole show was very well put on and I do love Fiddler on the Roof! So many great songs and very thought-provoking as well.
Afterwards we went to the Cheesecake Factory where we enjoyed having the strangest waitress ever. She was a bit over the top, but it was great! :)
My favorite was when I asked her for a side of plum sauce, and she repeated it with a questioning voice and walked away and returned with this container of... peanut sauce. Hahaha.. She noticed we didn't use it but never said anything about it.
After a great sleep at our hotel, went for a nice swim in the morning. Was good to swim laps again, haven't done so in a while. And I love my underwater camera! :)

I love the view of Seattle from the pool

And yes I do look slightly crazed

Megan took pictures of herself falling out of the hotel window.

And some other nice self-portraits. I love coming back to my camera and having surprise photos!

We decided that we wanted to go find the troll we have seen in movies and friends' pics. After driving around asking people where the troll was, we found out it was in Freemont, so we headed there to find the troll! And we found so much more...

Here's us beginning our quest, not knowing that we would come across a very cool little area of Seattle that we both fell in love with!

They even had a lift-up bridge.

Here's the troll! Under the bridge on Troll Ave. Perfect! We had some time alone with the troll before other people came. I found it funny that tour buses stop there so people can take photos. But really, who can blame them in the face of such greatness?

The bridge's architecture was very cool as well!

Freemont is also full of other random pieces of art from over the years. We enjoyed posing with them.

And dancing with them...

This is a group of people waiting for transit. Cement statues, placed there so different people will come and decorate them and take pictures with them. Perfect. Next time we go down, we will come fully prepared!

I thought this looked cool with all the staples!

We walked by a Thai restaurant and saw people sitting on the floor and decided we would like to do the same.
And the food turned out to be quite amazing. Makes me want to go back just for the Thai place-it was definitely a winner!

It is rare that you will find photos of Megan or I that are "normal". So here we took a nice smiling one.. Rare but I shall treasure it dearly!

Mini spring rolls!

Freemont has a lot of really great architecture too!

And a rocket! With the motto for freemont, "The Freedom to be Peculiar". Maybe I should move there?

We weren't sure where to go considering all of our options...
So we bought a gnome named Cedric and took him back to the troll so he could see it.
We are pretty excited about Cedric. He has already proved to be a worthy traveling companion.
He's always ready to go and already has his suitcase packed and ready to go!
Some future trips for him include: Hawaii, Portland, Australia, South Africa, Zambia, Asia... the options are endless. If you're going somewhere fun and want to bring Cedric along for some great photo ops, let me know!

Our little traveling buddy. And his size is perfect.

He liked the woman at the Starbucks drive-thru.
After our adventures in Freemont, we drove to Issaquah. Earlier that day, we had seen an ad on a bus {apparently i'm quite swayed by those} for 42nd street, a musical being performed at the Village Theatre. So we decided to get tickets {the only ones they had left, were first row, center-incredible!} and head to Issaquah for some more adventures.

Upon arriving, we found Boehm's Chocolates where we got to take a tour and try some amazing chocolate. The founder seems like a pretty great guy as well! He was in the Olympics. And climbed Mt. Rainier at age 80. Crazy.

Cedric likes chocolate.

PIG BBQ!! How great is that?!? If I didn't already have a relatively new BBQ, I might have thought about purchasing it!

Megan made another new friend


We also found a really cool diner, called XXX Root Beer. As we drove by, we saw many glittery, shiny things inside, so we decided that we must go!

The decor was amazing!

And their famous root beer was pretty excellent! This was regular size.. imagine what large would have been?

Lechaim! To Life!!

Cedric enjoyed the diner as well...
And the root beer.

Megan found a boyfriend

And I ate a foot long hot dog covered in yummy things. Challenge of the day: picking up and eating a foot long hot dog. Very difficult. But so very tasty.

One of the guys who worked there was pretty excited about the gnome. So he was more than happy to take a picture with it!

Then we went to 42nd street, a tap dancing spectacular. I saw it years ago in Vancouver when I was younger, but it was so well put on! So fantastic! I love tap dancing. Reminds me of the days when I used to tap dance. Makes me want to take lessons again.
Then we headed back home. All in all an amazingly wonderful two days of adventure, fellowship and fun!