Wednesday, June 25, 2008

COGL, Cheryl, Crazy, Countdown

Today I wrote 2222 words for my last paper for my two classes from Guatemala. Feels great to almost be done all the coursework for that! Then I can move onto my next three summer classes! :) Tonight Cheryl and I made dinner, went swimming and then watched a Disney movie (Sword in the Stone).
We decided to go and buy a Disney DQ ice cream cake. We figured we didn't need a special occassion for it, but decided just to go buy one.. We got COGL 4EVA written on it.. COGL is our company name.. we created it by accident, but it's the best business name ever! :)

We even had balloons for our amazing celebration!

My latest countdowns:
3 days until Caleb and Emily are back from the island!!
4 days until Lindie comes!!
14 days until Chicago and New York!!
35 days until I go to Egypt!!

Half, Happy, Heart

On Tuesday, Caleb had a lot of work to do, so Emily and I decided to head out to White Rock to enjoy the day and to have some fun. Our first stop was for fish and chips. My regular favorite place was closed but it was still pretty good!

Emily walking the tracks..

Emily was trying to pose with the bird but unfortunately it was flying out of the picture at the time.. haha.. I still think the shot turned out great! :)

Emily climbing the White Rock. It was quite the trek up but once on top it was great!

My sandals relaxing and taking in the sun..

In the evening, we went to Castle Fun Park for a great game of mini golf. The first time I ever met Emily, I was in Ontario and the three of us went mini-golfing.. so we figured it was fitting to go once again.

Caleb decided it would be great to propose on the mini-golf course.. There's the ring conveniently on top of the putter...

How romantic.. he even proposed on the heart shaped hole! awww! Okay fine, it was a staged proposal.. haha.. They got engaged about three days before they came to BC, but we thought it would be fun to stage a proposal and take some funny pictures! :)

Not really sure what we're doing in this picture...

Oh! And Tuesday was the 24th of June which made it my official half birthday! Happy half birthday to me!! I got a couple cards and I even got half of a blizzard as a gift-how sweet. :) So far in my life, it was the best half birthday I have ever had!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Bowling, Beautiful, Barefoot

On Monday it was a beautiful day and because we had out of town guests, we decided to go to Cultus Lake for the day. We took the boat out and mostly just hung out in the middle of the lake taking in the sun and good conversation all around.
Caleb and Emily
Caleb wakeboarding or wiping out... The lake was actually freezing cold!
We went bowling and then to Wendy's afterwards (see above pictures for Wendy's). While bowling we decided to have code names as inspired by a joke earlier on in the day. So, Caleb was Carly, Emily was Kevin, Theo was Becca and I was George. I think George is the best bowling name ever. Please notice that in this picture, I have the highest score.. hehe...

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Papers, Pictures, Piggies, People

Today we had our annual pig roast in memory of my brother, Leon. June 23rd would have been his birthday, so every year we have a pig roast in memory of him on the Sunday closest to that date. Family and friends all came and it was so great to see everyone and catch up. Above is a picture of the centerpieces we put together on the tables.
Our garden.. or a portion of it
The piggy!!
Roses for my mom's birthday (on the 21st)
Some of the guys playing bocce
More of the piggy!
My cousins Adam and Bobby
My Aunty Kathe, Dina and my cousin's fiance, Emily (from Ontario)
My Aunty Kathe and Uncle Pete
Mike, Ben and Chad
Desiree and I
Desiree and the piggy

My cousins Bobby and Rachel 's daughter Liv- a month old: so cute!

Chad and Lucas nailing the pegs into the pig
Theo and I went out for breakfast on Saturday morning at Ricky's. So nice to just enjoy the weekend. And all my pictures are out of order as far as my week actually went.. sorry!! :)
Chrystal and I went to Bard on the Beach the other night. We saw King Lear which was great! Despite the 11 people dying in the last scene...
Chrystal had never been to Earls, but I told her they had amazing chicken fingers which had her convinced.. I think she liked it! ;)

My new purchase of the week! SO excited! It's an upgrade from my other camera.. it's a Canon 40D and it's fantastic. I'm super excited to play around with it a bunch in the next little while
My cousin Caleb and his fiance Emily are visiting from Ontario and Emily had never been to IHOP, so this morning we took her there for breakfast!
Caleb and I (notice my new haircut!! actually it's a bit shorter than I wanted, but i sat down and my mom just started cutting... then she started laughing because she realized she didn't actually ask me what I wanted.. haha.. Oh well!)
All of us went out on Friday night for my mom's birthday to Greek Islands

The other day a few of my trinity friends and I met in langley and grabbed some quick sushi which was pretty fun!

That night Andrew and I went to Denny's to write papers.. haha.. I laughed at Andrew because he ate a huge thing of fries and felt pretty sick after. All in all though we were pretty productive and it was fun too!
And that is my week all jumbled up because I didn't download photos sooner and I uploaded them in a weird order.. haha.. But hope you enjoyed! I'm excited this week to go see some fun "touristy" places. And I'll get to play with the new camera!!! Have a good week!