Sunday, January 24, 2010

Freedom, Fantastic, Feeling

Right now we're headed towards Cape Horn, which is the southern most point of South America! It's usually pretty rough but we are having calm seas so we will most likely be able to circle it all which should be fantastic.

Some of the things I loved about Antarctica: the penguins swimming in the water.. at first i thought they were flying fish and realized the penguins just dive as they swim.
We also saw dozens (not even exaggerating-there were a lot) of humpback whales!!
There were an incredible amount of mountains and really cool shaped icebergs.

Unfortunately the end of Antarctica was not so fun for me as i developed a gastro-intestinal disease and was in isolation in my room for 42 hours.. Not so fun. Had a really high fever and have never been so violently ill in all my life. And besides I was getting cabin fever. So now I'm free and it's super nice to be out of the room!!

Tomorrow I will be in Ushuaia and am going canoeing. Then Chile where we will fly back to Antarctica to walk around! :)

Hope your weekend's are going well!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Antarctica, Apples, Air

Greetings from Antarctica!! All i can say so far is it's WAY beyond my expectations and we still haven't even seen much.

Today we had a freak snowfall. The best part was watching the crew play in the snow, a lot of whom had never seen snow. A lot of penguin and dolphin snow things were made!! :) And snowball fights of course! :)

Just passed Deception Island and it was amazing. I was outside in flip flops and freezing but could not pull myself away..

Three more days of cruising around Antarctica then back to Argentina and Chile and from Chile we will fly to Antarctica and go to the Chilean air base on Antarctica and walk around for four hours and see wildlife and such. Should be incredible!!!

Have a good rest of the week! :)

Saturday, January 16, 2010

South, Seas, Sailing

Greetings from South America!! So, right now I'm on the ocean, heading to Puerto Madryn, Argentina. I just left Uruguay, which was great-beautiful countryside and lots of pasture land! Reminded me a bit of Saskatchewan.. except no wheat. :)

My trip so far is going great! Started off in Rio de Janeiro where we arrived after a very long day of traveling and me throwing up during an entire red eye flight (not so fun). In Rio, we stayed at a hotel on the famous Copacabana beach which was great! After hanging out around Rio and seeing some sights, including their giant Jesus statue on a hill, we headed to Argentina.

In Argentina, we went to Iguaza Falls, the widest falls in the world. They were amazing!! Very spectacular. The movie 'The Mission' has a bunch of clips of them in it actually.

Been other places too but that's all I will update for now! Today it's fairly foggy out but looks like it's clearing up a bit! Tomorrow is Argentina where I will see my first sights of penguins! And then onto Antarctica!! I can't wait!

Anyway, hope you are all doing well and just thought I'd send out a quick update!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Girls, Gilmore, Great, Gagner!

At present, I have 20 things on my to-do list (and no, blogging is not one of them...) so I figured it would be a great idea to blog. The other day, Kristen and I dedicated the day to watching Gilmore Girls. Although we fell behind a bit, we're on the home stretch! I'm going to be quite sad when it's over.. I know you can start watching again, but there was something pretty special about us both never having watched it all and watching from beginning to end. Sigh. Anyway, enough of that :)

The other night, Heather, Jocelyn, Kristen and I went to the Canucks game. It was great fun! We cheered loud, danced hard (got on the big screen of course) and the Canucks won. All in all a great ending! The evening was topped off with a nice hot tub and stargazing (even though it was super windy and we almost froze to death!)

We thought we'd take some jumping pictures on the way back to the car...

And here is a picture of the packing I have done so far. Now I just need to go find and get a suitcase in which to put it in. Or maybe I could just carry it all? Maybe stuff it in a large purse?

Tonight Chrystal and I went to see Forbidden Broadway. It was great! I highly recommend you go and check it out! It's a spoof on different musicals and is quite hilarious! And very well done! :) Anyway, off to bed. This was just a random update to avoid doing all the things I actually need to do. In 36 hours I will be on a plane to South America!! Yippee!! :)

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Year, Yakking, Yee-haw!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! So, a few days late (but better late than never), I am posting some fond memories and pictures from 2009. What a great year of fun and adventures, but also an amazing year of growth and change.

Here are some numbers/facts from 2009:
93: number of blog posts
24: number of flights taken
3: number of countries visited
Musicals seen (might be missing some): Beauty and the Best, Annie, Fiddler on the Roof, Oklahoma, Rent, Wicked, Next to Normal, In the Heights, The Little Mermaid, 9 to 5, White Christmas, Thoroughly Modern Millie, Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat, Les Miserables, Aladdin (okay i was in it, so i figure i "watched" it countless times), A Chorus Line, Show Boat
5: Jobs I had
10: Weddings I attended
2: Weddings I could not make it to
3: Professors I TA'd for

Okay, and here are some of the things I did this year (pictures may be slightly out of order)


Lindie and I took a spur of the moment trip to Disneyland where we went for three straight days! Indeed the happiest place on earth and very needed and welcome during a really stressful time!!

Caught up with friends at other friends' weddings

Quick stop in Las Vegas

Went to the Bahamas and saw some cool fish

Met in Colorado for Amanda's wedding (a few of us bible school friends have had fun travelling for each other's weddings!)

Started watching through Friends with Jocelyn and Gilmore Girls with Kristen (no pic for that one-we were too busy watching..)

Had nights of staying up until 4am eating three jars of pickles and playing cards...


celebrated holidays with family!

painted Easter eggs

wrote a Thesis on moral reasoning development and had a snazzy poster to show off our results!


Graduated from university!! YEAH!!!

Had an impromptu trip to Quebec to visit friends and do a lot of my marking in a different location.

Celebrated being done school with some of my friends who I met during my first week at TWU.

Partied on behalf of my graduation with friends

Met the President

Watched a "vegetarian" slug eat beef

Saw some ghastly sights

Liz came to visit

Enjoyed Bard on the Beach


Celebrated with Shawn and Amy for their wedding! (and I just remembered that this was not in May... but now I'm too lazy to change it! haha)

Started a new job at Premier Agendas and met some great people that I worked with

Celebrated Cheryl's wedding!

Celebrated Destinye's wedding


Celebrated birthdays

Went to Old Spaghetti Factory with Chris when Kristen was working

Made food in mass quantities

Met my nephew

Bought and sold a dog..


Surprised people on their birthdays!

Mocked tourist/flower pics in Victoria

Spoiled my nephew

Got creative with the underwater camera


Went to Ontario for Caleb and Emily's wedding

Saw the Blue Jays win

Had fun hanging out in Toronto

Saw interesting sights in New York

Had quality fun time with some of my favorite kiddies

Caught up with some dear friends who live WAY too far away

Became a statue model

Ate a foot long hot dog

Went for hikes

Became a plumber

Took family pics for work


Went to Canucks games with Kristen

Saw some killer whales knock over a fisherman's boat (okay, maybe the last part isn't true)

Enjoyed some great flowers

Watched some stellar sunsets

Celebrated Simon and Bethany's wedding

Celebrated Desiree's graduation

Had a work conference and took a bunch of photos at it

Cooked great food with good friends

Had a crazy fun time with Bethany when she visited

Discovered tuqes that would change my life forever

Followed the rules

Made some new moose friends

Sang my heart out

Was sung to on my fake birthday

Got to perform and sing on my fake birthday


Canucks game with Sheri!

Met Finn

Canucks game with Kristen

Celebratory Seattle weekend with Alisha

Girls weekend getaway to Seattle with Theresa

Photographed a wedding for a friend

Family fun!

Ran away to Whistler

Discovered some new hats

Enjoyed the Fall colors

Made a new friend


Canucks game with Vanessa

Was in a musical!

Painted! And renovated! And more! :)

Fulfilled my lifelong dream of being allowed to paint on my carpet


Watched my friends get eaten

Canucks game with kristen!

Baked some cookies for the homeless

Hung out with Maia

Discovered Star Power

Learned the fun in unwrapping presents slowly

Discovered WonderPets

Synged my eyebrows from the heat from all the candles for my birthday...

Made Nacho Mountains

Went to Canucks games with Des

Girls Nights!

Met Santa

And to sum it up in the longest post ever (made over a few days), that was 2009 in a nutshell. Much more happened, but that is a quick sum up of it. Hope you enjoyed it! Stay tuned for more adventures in 2010!! Only five more days until I leave on my epic trip that I've been waiting to go on for years! YEAH!!!!!

May you be blessed in 2010 and enjoy family and friends and learning and loving and growing in life. I am incredibly blessed and am taking more and more time to realize and enjoy the gifts that God has given me! :)