Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Colorado, Canada, Crazy, Cookies

Greetings!! I have much to blog about but not much time or energy to do so, so I will leave you with one post for now. Just got back from Colorado on Sunday. Went down and met Jacquelyn, Bethany and Jenn down there for Amanda's wedding. So much fun! We pretty much just hung out and caught up and chilled. Good to see those girls again. :) Two years ago Bethany, Jacquelyn and I did a road trip down there for Rachel's wedding, so it was fun to go down again!

Jacquelyn trying to upkeep her reputation of being an amazing cookie maker..

Amanda's dad whipping out the Michael Jackson dance moves

Picture of the self-portrait

Rachel and I

Sarah, Jenn and Jacquelyn

So a bit of a glimpse into my week!! Wedding pics to come as well as some of Las Vegas!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Pictures, Pretty, Party

I found my camera chord and uploaded some pictures finally. So here goes!

Kristen and I at the hockey game. We almost broke our losing streak but decided to wait a couple more games...

Chris (Kristen's boyfriend) and I on our usual date where Kristen is our server! :)

Beautiful sunset!

Probably won't post again before Colorado, but if you get lucky maybe i'll post from there! Have a great week friends!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

High, Hurry, Help


I had a really funny story to write about but my brain hasn't been retaining information of late, so that will have to wait. Have had a fairly full weekend! Friday night I went to my friend Theresa's to watch High school musical with her and her daughter and have homemade pizza! MMM... I had never seen HSM before but actually quite enjoyed it. Yah, it's cheesy but I like musicals and singing and such so enjoyed it. And it's good some good messages behind it too.

That night there happened to be another shooting.... close to my place. Craziness. Obviously they are targeted shootings, but it's scary that innocent people in the wrong place at the wrong time have a great chance of getting hurt in these situations.

Saturday I did homework in the morning, then went for a volunteer luncheon at the prison where I volunteer. How neat to be appreciated in that way and to meet others who also volunteer there. We also got a tour of the prison, so it was good to see where the inmates live. I've toured other prisons, so it's always interesting to note the differences.

Chrystal and I went to "He's just not that into you" in the afternoon and it was pretty good. Then we went to church and I am super excited about where our saturday night service is going! :) Will be neat to see what God does within the changes that are going to be happening. Then Chrystal, Kaeli and I watched 'Rent', which was just released on DVD (the live broadway version). Excellent of course! :)

Today I met my friend Vanessa for coffee and then went to a surprise engagement shower for my friends Phil and Cheryl. And now I am off to do homework. I thought about it today and pretty much in this last week I am doing two months worth of work, because I didn't do anything in January and I have to work ahead since I won't be here in February!! Good times!

Anyway, have a great day all! :)

2 more days until Colorado!!!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Cops, Close, Call

So I think maybe you had to be there for this to be as funny as it was.

My friend Kristen and I were both in Abbotsford separately and went to hot tub with our friend Jocelyn. Driving back to Langley she would pass me on the freeway and then slow down.. So I was in the fast lane kind of driving near her and it was kind of funny. Not totally reckless but just some innocent fun.

Suddenly I see cop lights in my rear view mirror and my heart starts pounding and I freak (which Kristen later told me was her exact same reaction).. Kristen slows down and lets me in front of her and the cop car whizzes by us. Phewf. hahaha.. we both sat there wondering who he would pull over. And the funny thing was that I wasn't even really speeding.. haha.. I was going 106 or something. Anyway, it was pretty hilarious, because we both experienced the exact same reaction at the same time.

And that's all for now! Back to my paper! :)

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Random, Real, Running

I did this on facebook so figured I would also post it here.. 25 random things about me...

1. It is mine and Chrystal's goal to go to one musical together every month in 2009.

2. I pretend to hate research but secretly I love it.

3. I like raw carrots and cooked broccoli and I hate cooked carrots and raw broccoli.

4. I have a blog that I often update: www.vanessamsiemens.blogsp
ot.com Go check it out.

5. I have travelled to thirty countries... my goal is fifty

6. I really have a strong aversion and dislike to gum.

7. I love snail mail and although I don't always reply right away, I will reply eventually!

8. One day I want to get a dog and have it be a cross between shitzu and chiahuahua and call it a shitahuahua just because I think it sounds funny.

9. I write really small. On a regular lined piece of paper, in one line, I can fit six written lines.

10. I always said I'd never go to Trinity and always wondered why in the world anyone would study psychology. And now I am doing both.

11. I never edit my pictures that I take. I like to leave them as I took them.

12. I have never seen Star Wars and I had never been to Ikea before this September (didn't want to go before I had my own place). I like to not do things that everyone does.

13. I could stare at a starry sky for hours on end in awe.

14. I recently painted my room bright bright blue with black accents and i LOVE it.

15. When I was a child, we had four different German Shepherds named Shadow.

16. I have twelve toes. haha. just kidding. But my two big toenails grow crooked and half attached because they both fell off when I was a wee little child.

17. They wanted to hold me back in kindergarten because I could not talk properly. I couldn't pronounce a lot of letters and not everyone could understand me.

18. I am fluent in French and speak a bit of Spanish and a bit of German. And I also made up a language a few years ago.

19. I think cows are fascinating creatures.

20. In all my university time, I have only ever missed three classes. Until this semester when I've now missed about ten...

21. I love marking or editing other people's papers

22. 10pm seems super super early to go to bed for me and I am trying to readjust my thinking in this regard.

23. I love a good chat with myself. As well as a good laugh.

24. When I listen to music I am so busy singing really loudly that I usually don't get the chance to actually learn the words...

25. I have a newfound strange love for the wonderpets.. and I often have their songs stuck in my bed (and funny enough, I have never heard of them from children...)

Start, Squish, Salami

Today is a day that was started off right and keeps being so.

I pull out of my garage and hear loud scraping and then suddenly realize I have trouble driving. Then I suddenly remember that the recycling people usually throw our empty bin right in front of where I exit the garage. I hope out to take it out, but it is actually wedged beneath my vehicle and stuck between the bottom of the vehicle, my tire and the cement. Hmm.. So I back into the garage, ignoring the scraping and leave my vehicle on a slight incline where I am able to pull the recycling bin out. I never liked the perfect shape of it anyway. I far more prefer a squished version...

Then I went to buy salami at the store for lunch. Picked up a couple other things. Got home and realized I forgot the salami at the check-out counter. Oops. So I went back for it.

Sigh. Oh the things that make a day memorable :)

Monday, February 2, 2009

Theatre, Thesis, Thread

Happy Monday!! I feel like I have too much to update but I will say what comes to mind. I have pictures but they are on my camera and once again I have misplaced my camera chord. One day I will have a special spot for it!

This last weekend was a busy one. i was on worship team for the weekend and then on Sunday Chrystal and I went to our monthly musical. This month it was 'Bye Bye Birdie' which was performed by Langara College's Studio 58. It was entertaining and fun. :)

I finally started doing schoolwork and seem to be on a roll! My midterm went well, which was great seeing i had only been to one instructional class. And now I have to get cracking on a lot of stuff so it can get done before I head out to Colorado!

Right now I'm trying to get emails of people who have elementary aged children (grades 2-7) who would be interested in participating in my thesis research at school. So if you have kids that age, send me your email at vanessa.siemens@mytwu.ca and I will add you to the list (this doesn't mean you have to participate, only that you are interested) and then I will email you the survey!

And now back to the homework!

Updated Countdown:
8 days until Colorado!!
16 days until Bahamas!!!