Friday, December 31, 2010

Review, Remember, Random

2010. I am sad to say goodbye. Mainly because it's been SO wonderful and filled with fun, blessings and adventures. I can imagine that 2011 will be great, but for now I will remember 2010 and celebrate it, and look ahead to what untold adventures 2011 will bring!

The year began with the most incredible trip with my mom, aunt and uncle. We travelled to South America and Antarctica. Stunning and adventure-filled. Saw a lot, experienced a lot and met a lot of new friends!

Then I came home to some fabulous renovations in my home. And for the first time, my house truly felt like home. Personalized and customized to me.

In February, the Olympics came to town and I was priveleged enough to go watch some live hockey, figure skating, speed skating and the closing ceremonies! My friend Lindie even came out to join in the festivities! And it will most likely be the only time in my life that I followed and watched the Olympics. But I made the most of it and took it all in.

In March, we went on a mother-daughter trip to Disneyland to celebrate Desiree's birthday and the joys of mother-daughter relationships and cousin-sister-friends!

During the first part of the year, I worked as the sr. high youth leader at the church I attend. So the months were filled with a lot of youth events, including a Clue Night, Amazing Race, sandwich handouts in downtown Vancouver and many more fun things! I wish I could have stayed longer, but different circumstances led me to finish my job there-it was a blessed time of connecting with the youth and was stretching in a lot of ways as well (good ways that is).

The year also held many impromptu trips to Alberta to visit friends.

The summer included many camping trips, and random canoe adventures with friends. My canoe became my most favourite activity and I had many good chats, picnics, swims and adventures with friends thanks to the canoe!

Met some wonderful new people and cultivated some amazing friendships that I am incredibly blessed by.

In August, my fave cousin-sister-friend got married, so the summer was full of preparations for that and the fun that came in August as well!

I discovered a new love of random and giant icons...

I started getting my photos printed on canvas in preparation for selling my prints...

Enjoyed the glorious colours of fall.

Bucket list. Painted some pictures. Check.

Enjoyed nacho mountains and get-togethers with friends from different walks of life...

Went on trips to the island and discovered the beauty of BC, right in my own backyard.

Got to watch some NHL games in other cities, and a bunch of them in Vancouver! Go Canucks!

Played with my nephew a lot.

Had some fun mother-daughter adventures and continued building my friendship with my mom.

Celebrated random holidays, like 'no pants day'

Ate a LOT of sushi. And I mean a lot. I should probably be japanese.

Celebrated marriage with a lot of different people at a LOT of different weddings in many places!

Celebrated birthdays.

In July, went on a trip with my church to Mexico to build houses.

Bucket List. Build Something. Check.

Woke up at sunrise for photoshoots.

Saw some incredible wildlife

Learned how to sokkie (south african dancing).. well actually i'm not that good! haha

Enjoyed the Rockies by plane and vehicle-stunning!

Went on random roadtrips with friends

Played tennis

Taught my mom how to make cool facial expressions.

Bucket List. Go to Wells Grey Provincial Park. Check.

Had BBQs on the patio with friends

Played a fair amount of yahtzee.

Canoed with family and friends.

Celebrated life with friends. LECHAIM!

Roasted sheep.

Swam. A lot. In fact, I might turn into a fish soon.

Enjoyed many concerts and musicals. Michael Buble, Black Eyed Peas, Annie, Fiddler on the Roof, On the Town, Forbidden Broadway, Sweeney Todd, White Christmas, A Christmas Story, In The Heights... just to name a few.

Went on the most random, spontaneous roadtrip to the East Coast of Canada. (August)

Slept in a car.

Continued family traditions of making traditional Menno food for the family.

Discovered a fabulous travel buddy in Cedric.

Learned how to fly fish.

Visited wonderful friends in Australia and New Zealand (September).

In October, I enjoyed a packed month filled with friends and get togethers and random trips to Seattle and the island.

I also enjoyed many out of town visitors. Bucket List. Make Egg Nog. Check.

Welcomed Paisley into the world in November, a little sister for Parks.

Enjoyed frequent visits with Alberta friends and dinner theatre and beautiful snowy landscapes!

Had a lot of Christmas and birthday get togethers with friends.

Spent a lot of time celebrating with family and friends.

2010. You were wonderful. Thank you. Through the ups and downs, the joys and the tears, you have blessed me incredibly and filled me with transformation, hope and life.

So, I end this post, saying "TO LIFE!"

2011, I can't wait to meet you tomorrow. What fun we shall have.