Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Holidays, Home, Happy

In 12 short hours I will be boarding a plane that is BC bound!!  Yippee!!

My brother is getting married on Saturday and I'm oh so excited for them!

And then I have a whole week of connecting with friends! 

This morning I'm quite excited. And don't like the fact that I have to wait ALL day to board a flight. At least I'll be working so it will go fast.

Off to BC!!!

All for now.. I'm sure you'll hear more about it later.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

 I LOVE Fall. In fact, the more I think about it, the more I realize that it's probably my favourite season.  The leaves are stunning. The sky is often blue. And it's cold and crisp. Love love love.  And Fall is made even better in Quebec because of the vibrancy of the leaves.  I have thoroughly enjoyed the slow transformations in the colours of the leaves. Plus I live in the Laurentians, which is rolling hills FULL of trees of all different colours. It's beautiful.

We have a lake on the property where we are, so the other day I grabbed my camera, my lenses and did a little trek around the lake to be a bit creative and have some fun.  It was absolutely wonderful. I love just stopping and looking up and seeing all the different leaves. 

I am continually amazed by creation.  This week that has been added to as the students have been going through the book of Genesis.  I have had the honour of leading some video classes in the evening, and I have been reminded again and again of the incredibleness of our Creator.  And how amazingly He designed the earth and the surrounding universe.  Perfectly fit for life but also one of the best places in the galaxy to explore and discover the galaxy. 

Daily I am reminded of how God's characteristics are reflected through His Creation. So I just wanted to share a few photos with you of what I get to see every day!  

This weekend we are hosting a big cross country race.  It's been neat lately to see how doors in the community are opening to build relationships. Anyway, we have about 70 people coming from the community so it's exciting!  

And in less than a week I will be home for my brother's wedding!  I will miss the end of Fall here and time with the other staff and students, but I am SO SO SO SO excited to be in BC for nine whirlwind days!  It will be great to celebrate with my brother as he gets married and also to see and catch up with my lovely friends and family!

This week all the staff also hosted a progressive dinner in our homes.  There were four different groups of students that went around to the different houses of the staff and it was so wonderful to be able to fellowship together and enjoy some wonderful food!

That's all for now! Hope you are enjoying the Fall wherever you might be!  I hear the temperature is supposed to get up to 21 degrees at the start of next week!  Enjoy the weekend!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Canoes, Cirque, Cleaning

 Okay, so my blogging hiatus did not last long. I got internet in my room and since this is now a bit more accessible, I'm excited to be back at it in the blogging world! And I look forward to having time to catch up on all your blogs as well!

I have now been here for two months!!  Crazy how time flies!  August and September have been a whirlwind and have been difficult but wonderful all at the same time.  During the end of the summer, I enjoyed all the different conferencing groups we had in, and enjoyed a lot of free time. Our 17 students have now been here for almost two weeks and so as I am readjusting to a new schedule, I am loving getting to know the students and becoming more and more comfortable with my role here. 

I live with three other girls and am blessed to get to know them and become their friends!  I love our impromptu night chats, song making up, cleaning parties, pickle eating fun and prayer times together. 

Because there's a million things I could write, I decided I would just post a few pictures from the last few months and let them tell a bit of the story of what I've been up to. Enjoy! And keep your eyes open for more posts from me in the future!  (And Elsie, I would love to be your pen pal, just email me your mailing address!)
Hanging out with my amazing roommates and enjoying a large cleaning party of our new home!

Playing with the kids around property

Taking as many pictures as possible of this little munchkin.
Having photoshoots with canoes, people and dogs!

Hanging out with Jenn during her visit and celebrating her engagement to Dave!

Connecting with wonderful friends visiting in Montreal

Showing visitors around the amazing and beautiful Quebec City
Enjoying FREE outdoor cirque de soleil under an overpass during the summer in Quebec City

Visiting with a good friend in Montreal

Hanging out with the kiddos who take much better underwater pictures than I.

Enjoying the Fall colours changing and the incredible beauty of the endless hills of mixed colour!

Getting to know my roommates and going for drives to enjoy the Fall.

Enjoying this little munchkin and all the other kids!