Saturday, September 26, 2009

Work, Weary, Woooh!

This week we had our work conference! And while it was a lot of fun, I was utterly exhausted by the end of it!! Friday night I went to bed at 7pm (and when i go to bed THAT early, you know i'm tired!! haha) I worked 16 hours of overtime and went to the conferences all day and then did evening activities. So generally my days were 4:30 am until midnight-FUN!! Here are some pictures I took throughout the week.

Mike, one of the sales reps I support.

Sheri one of my order entry pals. We have nice daily visits where we read a page from my "i never knew that book". Quite exciting

The School Specialty version of dance, dance revolution. Fun to watch people from work try it out!

Team building activities at Trinity

These activities were conducive to some great photos.. hehe

Our formal awards banquet

Rockband groupies

Singing along to the pianos at Duke of Dublin's

Apparently it was my birthday and on my birthday it has always been a dream of mine to sing live.. haha.. so after having three songs sung to me, I got to sing!! haha.. It was fun though!! :)

Monday, September 21, 2009

Baking, Burgers, Best

Chrystal and I are quite the homemakers. Actually it's nice because she likes baking and i like cooking. really it's the perfect match! So while Chrystal used the many rotten bananas that have been sitting in the freezer for a while to make muffins, I made turkey burgers! Boy were they tasty-sometimes i even surprise myself!

And here's a puzzle we made. We love making puzzles so it was fun to sit down one afternoon and work on this one. I like fun ones that aren't overly difficult!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Grad, Game, Great

On Saturday I got to celebrate Desiree's graduation with her and her family! So excited for her!! She already has a job in the school district and it's so exciting to hear about!! Congrats Des!! :)

That night Alisha, Tom, Nick and I all went to the Canucks game, which we won 3-1. It was a pre-season game but still always lots of fun!!

Desiree and Joe were there as well and Des and I had fun making faces at each other across the way (the people around us thought we were a bit strange, but that's pretty typical when we're together)

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Hot, Happy, Hearts

Yesterday was my last wedding of this year (I think). That makes about 8 or so for this year. Wow. :) This wedding was outdoors and it was a fantastic day for it (okay maybe a little hot seeing that we were all dripping in sweat). Simon and Bethany got married and it was a lot of fun celebrating with them and family and friends. And here's a bonus picture of my nephew, because who wouldn't want to see another one? ;)

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Victory, Victoria, Vanessa

My friend Bethany came to visit from Saskatchewan early September. We were roommates in Quebec and I always love seeing her again. On the Thursday we went to White Rock and enjoyed the view and had some fish and chips.

Friday we went to Vancouver where we went for some amazing Japanese and then went to the BC Lions game (and they won-yay!). Saturday we went on a whale watching trip and also went to Victoria for the day. We saw a lot of whales on the way over. Then we hung out in downtown Victoria and went to Butchart Gardens for the day before going back to Vancouver. Sunday we went to Seattle and saw the musical 'Wicked' and Monday we slept, because by then I was pooped!! haha.. Here are some pics from the Saturday.

We found a store with the coolest tuques. i actually want them all. haha