Saturday, February 18, 2012

Shoes, Snowman, Sushi

Greetings from the land of snow that probably won't melt anytime soon!

I keep glancing at the piles of snow and am kind of in shock at the prospect that the snow will at least be here for another month.  But it hasn't been as bad as I originally thought it would be. This has been helped by some night-time snowshoeing, evening games of broomball, random adventures with my roommates and fun photoshoots.  

I love the people I work with and have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know them through living and working together. Recently all the students went on a trip to Quebec City for the day, so the remainder of us decided we would go on our own little adventure.  We called it code:green and each put on an article of green clothing and set out on our merry way. 

Whenever we approach a stop sign or intersection, whoever yelled out a direction first, that is the direction we would drive. The result of this is often getting lost and exploring a lot of little town where you've never been.  In the small towns of Quebec, there's always a really beautiful church in each town as well as a lot of other fun random things along the way, such as the giant snowman pictured above. 

And to my pure joy and elation, we found a gigantic guitar with a cowboy beside it. One thing I especially love in life is giant sized items that seem to serve no other purpose but to bring me joy (well maybe it is there for a few other reasons but I like to focus on that reason). 

The other day I had the privilege of taking some photos of some friends who recently got engaged.  We had a lot of fun tromping through the snow and I was reminded again of the beauty of God's creation, especially when everything is covered with snow.  And at one point I thought it would be a brilliant idea to step off the path to get a better photo angle. My brilliant idea was proved wrong when my entire leg disappeared into the snow. And instead of helping me out of the snow, there was a picture taken of me instead. So I thought I would include it to give you an idea of how the deep the snow is. 

I remember taking pictures of these in the fall and I thought the backdrop was beautiful again-I was thankful to enjoy their beauty in a different context. 

Normally the snow here is really dry, but the other day we had fairly wet snow, so the students decided to build a giant snowman after workday. 

A few weeks ago, I had the best birthday cake made for me ever! One of the downfalls of having a birthday on Christmas Eve is that you aren't around a lot of people for your birthday and it often gets forgotten about. Upon returning after the holidays, I was blessed with having a sushi birthday cake made for me! I felt so special and honored to have such a beautiful cake made specifically for me as someone I really love. 

Another honor that was recently bestowed upon me was being the staff of the week. I decided to start the staff of the week by posting horrible or funny photos of staff members and keeping them up in the office for the week. It has now been dubbed the "wall of shame". However, it slightly backfired on me when my photos suddenly appeared on the board.  And they are lovely photos indeed-I thoroughly enjoyed staring at them throughout the week.

Just a few highlights from the last few weeks. Hopefully I will get out soon during the day to take some more good snow pictures!