Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Creatures, Cross-Canada, Calgary

As I write this I have an incredible view Duluth, Minnesota and Lake Superior in the background. The main reason I decided to stay in Duluth on my journey (other than the fact that it was about halfway between two of my destinations), was because I knew it as a city from a board game I play, called Ticket to Ride. The city does not disappoint. It is beautiful with its brick buildings, brick roads and the views of the lake from every point.

The trip across Canada has been marvelous so far. I have seen moose, cows, bison... well, maybe they were a bit too large to actually be real, but those are the kind I like, because they don't run in front of your vehicle.

The first four nights were spent in Canada with stops along the way in Castlegar, Calgary, Regina and Winnipeg. My friend Lindie joined e as a wonderful roadtrip companion for that part of the journey. Then my mom few to Winnipeg and we drove down to North Dakota to visit some relatives near Bismark. Yesterday I headed to Duluth and today I will drive through Wisconsin and Michigan on my way back to Canada.

I have been able to connect with so many people on the way and I am reminded of how incredibly blessed I am. And how many incredible people there are in the world. And that I am priveleged to know a few along the way.

Now I'm by myself and the one thing that makes me sad is that I wish I had someone to share this part with. Because the drive is beautiful. So much to see. And funny signs. And funny things I think of and tell myself (and boy do I laugh heartily).

The one downfall (besides being alone), is my indigestion issues seemed to have sprung up again. Not so fun on a roadtrip... so if you think of it, please pray for me about that. Oh, and also, if you'd like to be on my prayer email list, let me know your email and I will add you!

So for now I say good-bye to Duluth and look forward to visiting two new states that I have yet to see and hopefully I will find some more larger than life community moments along the way (those large pointless things that seem to have no purpose but to give people like me immeasurable joy).

Happy Trails!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Transition, Tuned, Thoughts

So much has been going on, that my mind is overwhelmed when I think about blogging about it.

What could I blog about?

I could blog about the end of the Stanley Cup Playoffs, getting stuck downtown and watching everything happen and the feelings of sadness and shock that permeated the next few days.

I could blog about packing up the remainder of my house, locking the doors and driving away from the place I have called home for the last three years.

I could blog about my last couple weeks in BC and all the activities and gatherings that have been keeping me busy.

I could blog about how incredibly blessed I am with amazing family and friends who love me and care for me. Friends and family who I will dearly miss and am sad to leave.

I could blog about what's coming and the excitement related with my two week road trip across Canada and what awaits me upon arriving in Quebec.

Instead, I just wanted to say hello. I'm still alive. And preparing to have every single aspect of my life change. Maybe I will blog about all the things above, maybe I never will. Time will tell.

For now, you may not see me for awhile. Or perhaps I will randomly post photos from my road trip from my phone. Maybe I will keep blogging, maybe I won't.

For now I'm leaving time to think and reflect and be.

So you may see me soon, you may not. So stay tuned.